Helpful Hints


From Ruelle Restorations

To remove white water rings: mix equal parts olive oil and white  vinegar. Apply with soft cloth and rub in circular motion. Wipe dry with  paper towel, then apply Finisher's Touch. 

To  remove candle wax: use a hair dryer on low setting and scrape softened  wax with a credit card. After all wax is removed, apply Finisher's  Formula. 

To  remove cloudy spots: apply small amount of mayonnaise  on affected  area, let sit for one hour. Wipe dry. and apply Finisher's Touch or  Finisher's Formula. 

To  remove scratches: use #0000 steel wool and Finisher's Touch and buff  lightly. To color scratches, use furniture touch up pens found at Lowe's  or Home Depot. Let dry for 15 minutes then apply Finisher's Formula. 

To remove burns :rub in paste type silver polish to burn area. Stay clear of unblemished area. Then apply Finisher's Formula

 Directions for Finisher's Formula and Finisher's Touch:
Use a clean lint free cloth. Put a small amount of Finisher's Formula on  cloth rub with grain of the wood. Take another lint free cloth and buff  dry. Apply Finisher's Touch using same procedure. The benefit of using  both is, you get the ease of applying polish to intricate and large  areas with Finisher's Formula and the added protection of Carnubua wax  with Finisher's Touch. Apply sparingly but often.
Store the cloth you used for a zip lock bag and use as treated beeswax cloth for dusting.