Finisher's Formula

Finisher's Formula

Finisher's FormulaFinisher's FormulaFinisher's Formula

Pure beeswax wood care products. 

No Chemicals or Solvents! No added Scents!


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Finisher's Formula™

 In  1987, the antique furniture restorers at Ruelle Restorations  developed and introduced Finisher's Formula, a scientific  blend of carefully selected oils and pure beeswax for feeding and  polishing fine woods and antiques. Finisher’s Formula is  the non toxic and a 100% goof-proof beeswax furniture  polish. Finisher's Formula works on finished and unfinished  fine woods and antiques.
Finisher’s Formula beeswax  polish has been used in National  Historic homes, museums,  universities, country clubs and by restorers,  antique dealers  and collectors for many years. Finisher's Formula  is different  from traditional furniture polishes because most, like  lemon oil, are  a petroleum distillate base and have the tendency to  evaporate  quickly. That is why when you use lemon oil or other like  polishes on  your antiques, they look good for a little while, but over  time  the finish returns to a tired appearance and eventually will break   down. Spray polishes contain silicates, which after a while will also   destroy finishes.

Finisher's  Formula has the consistency of a lotion and  is very  easy to use. There is no hard buffing, just apply  and wipe! Beeswax has  been used for centuries to preserve finishes  and paintings. On antique  furniture, beeswax puts a barrier coat to  protect and brighten the existing finish. Finisher's Formula is an antique furniture care product primarily, but many have used Finisher's Formula  as their choice of finish on pine, oak,  walnut,  mahogany and other  exotic woods. Finisher's Formula brings  your antiques, wood cabinets,  leather and fine furniture to life. See  why beeswax has been used for  centuries to preserve and protect  heirlooms. Finisher’s Formula is 100% Biodegradable,  Non Toxic, Contains No Silicates, No Petroleum  Distillates and is offered in Unscented form only.

Finisher's Touch™

  In  1997, the restorers at Ruelle Restorations wanted to develop a  paste wax to compliment Finisher’s Formula Polish and  Feeder.
  It took eight years of rigorous testing and blending to  achieve the ultimate all natural, non toxic beeswax paste. Finisher's  Touch is a pure beeswax paste with a touch of carnauba  wax to enrich fine woods and heirloom furniture.
  Just  like Finisher’s Formula, this all natural beeswax paste   excels on finished or unfinished woods. It works wonderfully on   previously waxed or highly polished finishes as well. Finisher’s  Touch contains no solvents or scents. Finisher’s  Touch  produces a wonderful beeswax patina over time. The 4 oz jar is highly  concentrated and was   developed at our antique furniture restoration shop  which has over  three decades of continuous operation by the Ruelle family.
From your most cherished heirlooms to your finest woods, this is the all natural non toxic paste wax for you! Combine Finisher's Formula and Finisher's Touch to achieve a lasting glow on antique furniture and fine woods. As a culinary wax, Finisher's Touch  is the premier non-toxic beeswax wood finish for use on all wooden kitchen utensils such   as  cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden spoons, butcher block tops, wood    surfaces, etc. Finisher's Touch is an all natural   beeswax formula and  the safest wax to use around children, food and   wood surfaces that may  contact food. This all natural butcher block wax is   easy to use,  protects wood surfaces against damaging moisture and   produces a rich,  beautiful beeswax finish.  Finisher's Touch was selected by Tiffany and  Company as the service wax  for the Frank Gehry jewelry line which  incorporates exotic woods in his creations. 


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